​Pinnacle Advocacy LLC

Strategic. Effective. Advocacy.

Pinnacle Advocacy is honored to represent an outstanding group of clients. Our clients include public and
private sector entities that each offer different services and products, but they all have one thing in
common: the highest expectations of their organization and our firm.

​Our Team has extensive experience lobbying the California State Legislature, working for multiple Governors at the Director and senior Agency level since the mid-1980s, serving on a number of local and state boards and commissions, always developing strong relationships throughout all branches of government at both the state and local level. These relationships, in addition to the technical expertise our team possesses, allows Pinnacle Advocacy to provide our clients the strategic support necessary to build their future.

Legislative & Regulatory Experience

Pinnacle Advocacy is committed to absolute integrity while advocating in the most strategic and effective
manner possible. We strive to always stay informed on pending legislation and regulations that may
impact our clients. The Pinnacle team develops and monitors legislation, prepares and delivers
testimony to the Legislature and regulatory bodies, and oversees sponsored legislation from concept to
law, never forgetting that legislative lobbying is a two-way street: we represent our clients to the state
capitol and the state capitol to our clients.

Procurement Expertise

With former senior level state employees part of the Pinnacle Advocacy team, navigating the State’s
complex myriad of processes is second nature. Pinnacle Advocacy has expertise in all aspects of
procurement, from the development of a proposal to the award. Our Team has an excellent record of
working collaboratively with state agencies to improve policies and streamline processes, assisting the
state while providing opportunities for our clients

California Legislative & Procurement Lobbying